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Nepal is Safe Destination For Travel

Nepal Is Safe Destination For Travel

Nepal is Safe Destination For Travel                                        

Nepal is Safe Destination For Travel the question and an expression in the mind of  every traveller who visit this country.The answer to this question is yes.Nepal has been struck by a devastating natural phenomenon but this doesn’t make Nepal a risky place to visit.Just natural beauty and its old monuments doesn’t make Nepal a good or may be a better place to visit but Nepal and its people make a bond with everything and everyone who they meet which is the main course of tourism.Tourists not only come to Nepal for its beauty and its culture but also for the peoples who share their lives their thoughts and their way of living.

                                    Most of the tourists think of Nepal as their second homeland where they can find peace and sanctuary among themselves so think of it as our duty to put the thought that Nepal Is Safe Destination For Travel.Arriving in Kathmandu, there’s no mistake that this is a city in full swing. Cars, bikes and the streets in an intertwined mass of honking, smoke-belching, and weaving traffic that is somehow managed not by stoplights, but by hired traffic cops in intersections.Nearly every block has a building that is either being torn down or rebuilt, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which direction the structure is going.Torn buildings do resemble the past which is not a stone cause for the fear of tourism.

                                    Although there has been some mishaps,Nepal is trying to recover from its past which brings convenience to the tourists that visit Nepal.Some sections of Kathmandu appear nearly untouched by the earthquake the famed Swayambhunath “monkey temple”had a few patched-over cracks in its surface but was being mobbed by locals and tourists.The“Boudhanath Stupa”is undergoing a bit of reconstruction but is similarly crowded with both religious and shopping pilgrims from around the world.The downtown ” Kathmandu Durbar Square”,however,still looks like a fresh earthquake zone,with temples reduced to piles of bricks,and buildings precariously supported by scrap wood.Even here, the streets are passable and daily life goes on uninterrupted,with motorbikes parked thickly in the“safe zones”the streets are not much crowed and can be monitored and tourists can roam and discover with more convenience. Finally,Nepal is in a major earthquake zone and remains at risk from further earthquakes, aftershocks, landslides and flooding across the country.Tourists are  familiarized  with safety procedures in the event of an earthquake or any natural  disaster so yes Nepal had been and remains one of the most dangerous zone for natural disasters but it has also adapted to the situation so the peoples and tourists who visit  this country feel safe and satisfying journey that will leave a white and non-erasable bond in the heart of the peoples and tourists who visit this country.

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