Tim Ketelaars & Sam Robroek

 Fri May,2017

Trekking adventure 2013, Tim Ketelaars and Sam Robroek

In 2013 we visited the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. In our inn we have met some guys from the trekking agency tim The Nepal Trekking Company .Convinced us to take a trip in the Annapurna region for 7 days. This trip was full of surprises and relaxation. We had an amazing time and I can recommend it to everyone who is staying in Nepal. Especially in the low rainy season it is extraordinary how many peace you can find up in these hills. The trekking is available for all ages and not that exhausting, but amazing and beautiful instead.

  Angela Irving

 Fri May,2017

Great company and their team

Santosh and the team did a phenomenal job getting our group of four to Everest Base camp. My husband was suffering from a painful chest infection when we began the trek. Without Santosh Adhikari expert care we never would have had this achievment together. He was also able to manage the different skill levels, personalities and tastes effortlessly which left the entire group happy with his service. I plan to return to Nepal to trek with Santosh and his team agin. We highly recommend him. Feel free to contact on facebook to verify this testimonial

  Brian Doti

 Fri May,2017

Hope to see you again soon! Good luck with the business — I will refer everyone I know to trek with you

I had an incredible experience hiking the trail to Everest Base Camp with Santosh in April, 2015. The trek itself is challenging but never overwhelming — a consistent good exercise among the most beautiful scenery in the entire world. I have raved about the time to friends and family, and the memories I had along the way have not left the forefront of my brain. I had moments of enlightenment, serenity, contemplation, emotion, and wonderment along our 12 day trip. The hike is suitable for people of any age who are in good physical health and can handle walking (mostly) uphill for 5-8 hours in a day. Our pace was accommodated by our wonderful guide, Santosh. He has a natural calming presence about him, which is extremely helpful for any times where the trek feels more strenuous. He made sure to care for us every step of the way, never pushing us but giving us the gentle motivation we needed to continue in the tough times. He explained the context of everything we saw along the way, and was funny and considerate all through. Anytime I come back to Nepal, I will always contact Santosh to organize a trek again. Thank you so much my friend!


 Fri May,2017

Unforgetable and awesome time in Nepal with Santosh- me and Aleksandra

I would highly recommend Santosh and the team if you are looking to take a trip to Nepal. He is friendly, knowledgeable and will leave you worry free on your trip. We took a tour in October 2015. On this trip we only did some shorter tours waking up early in the morning to do a short trek to see the Sunrise over the Annapurna Mountains at Nagarkot which was spectacular. We were also taken around all the sights of Kathmandu, which was extremely interesting. And to complete the trip we did an Everest flight which was arranged without any worry from our side. We plan to come back in 2016 to do a longer trek, and we will be sure to contact Santosh to arrange this.

  stef sharratt

 Fri May,2017

Trip of a lifetime!

My friend and I decided to book a last minute trip to Nepal in 2013 and turned out to be a great decision because we had an absolutely amazing experience! The main highlight of our trip was the 5 day Ghorepani Poon Hill trek that we did under the expert guidance of Santosh at The Nepal Trekking Company. He organised everything you could think of for us so we didn’t have to worry about anything apart from taking in the amazing views. He was extremely knowledgable about all the surrounding areas and we learnt a great deal from him. Not just all the nature and environment, but also a lot about life in Nepal. The extra things that Santosh did that he wasn’t obligated to do made such a difference that we really weren’t expecting. He helped us book paragliding in Pokhara and negotiated a better rate for us, and also did the same when we needed to exchange money. Also, when we returned to Kathmandu, he took the time out of his day to come and meet us and introduced us to his wife and beautiful baby daughter and then cooked us a traditional dal baht meal. I could not recommend taking a trip to Nepal enough and look no further than The Nepal Trekking Company to arrange any activities that you’d like to do. We hired a guide but came away with a great friend!