Upper Dolpo Trekking

  • March to May and Sept to December.
  • Normal
  • 3*** Accomodation in Kathmandu and normal accomodation in lodge / guest house during a trekking.
  • Breakfast in the city and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in a mountain.
  • Private or group Join.
  • 02 pax to 50 pax.
  • Kathmandu.
  • Car and Domestic flight.


Upper Dolpo Trekking is one of the adventurous as well as challenging journeys to the most far-flung regions of Dolpo. Dolpo was a restricted area with a reliable Tibetan culture largely untouched for the last 1200 years until 1996. It is high, dry plateaus with deep canyons, which is a distinct contrast to the fertile lower valley to the south of the Kanjiroba and Dhaulagiri ranges. The trial to Upper Dolpo goes through natural border of the two regions, exploring one and then the other. We’ll often meet migrants from Tibet and explore ancient Buddhist sites.

Our journey to Upper Dolpo Trekking begins in the lowlands of Lower Dolpo following lush valleys and Steep River to the south of the Himalayas. Then we will enter the distinctive heights of the Tibetan Plateau, upper Dolpo. We have enough time to explore the surrounding and Tibetan-style villages, busy with the autumn harvest. From the place called Saldang we head into the remote regions of Dolpo, Khoma, Shimen and Tinkyu in the fantastic Panzang valley. The paths that connect these remote villages and high passes are some of the culturally interesting routes in Dolpo. The inhabitants still trade with Tibet along the old salt routes. This is also one of the highest inhabited realms on the planet. Dolpo is still a stronghold of the pre-Buddhist as well as Tibetan Buddhism.

Upper Dolpo Trekking is a most magical place, situated at the base of crystal Mountain. We are very happy to provide these kinds of services to the people who want to join this amazing journey with us. we will do our best to make your journey even cooler and unforgettable, we extend the trek by departing the regular route and crossing to Mustang on the soon to be famous Great Himalaya Trail.

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Upper Dolpo Trekking