About Nepal

United in 1768 by the Gurkhas, consists of swampy jungle in the south and great massifs, traditional valleys, and gorges of the Himalayas over the rest of the country, with many peaks over 8000 meters which includes Mt.Everest and Kanchenjunga. Nepal is a country with many religions and ethnic groups living together. Though there are different geographical variation but that is our key reason why this country is known as the most beautiful country in the world. Trekkers visit this country for the environment and natural beauties and also the countries cultural, traditional, ethical and historic resemblance of the people who built this country as one nation.We Nepalese have a very distinct emotional formula that combines the peoples with their history and their nature.The Gurkhas did not just unite the country but also the hopes and the dreams who share their cultures, traditions, their ethical and ancient roles and values. Nepal is all about the natural beauty and its peoples love towards its nature and satisfaction and happiness of the peoples who visit this country.