Trekking Equipment

Nepal is a country with different landscape which differs from place to place due to which Trekking in Nepal can be quiet challenging if you don’t have the right equipment so we provide you with different equipment for different places according to your choice of destination. So, feel free to register and enjoy safe and comfortable journey with our company services.

Here are some Equipment that you must have before trekking:

>Trekking daypack for personal carrying materials and sleeping bags

>Trekking or duffle bag to carry trekking gear

>Reading materials, notebook, envelopes, trekking maps, binocular, pens, camera, I-phone, pocket knife, photos, games like cards, chess etc.

>Water purification tablet and bottles

>Snow and sun glasses, walking poles and umbrella

>Small touch light and head light with spare batteries

>Sun block lotion for lips and body parts and a handkerchief or wiping papers

>Money belt and some first-aid kit