Communication Service

Postal Service: Though this is the 21st century there are most of the rural places in the world where still no internet or phone services. But even though there is no modern day science present in those places there is still snail mail present. Like Central Post Office is located at Sundhara, Kathmandu near Dharahara which is open from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Other than national holidays and Saturdays they provide following service:
a>Express Mail Service [EMS]

b>Parcel Service

c>Post Box Service & Its Online Post Box Service

d>Postal Banking Service

e>Letter Delivery

2- Telephone Service: Nepal is a developing country where most of the facilities are yet to be developed. Landline services are mostly present in Kathmandu and other major cities, whereas in case of mobile network service the rural parts of Mountainous and the lower Tarai region network hasn’t reached yet. But there are many other hotel and lodges which provide private communication centers and also telephone and fax facilities around the globe.

3>Internet Service: Internet is the significant need of humans in this world. Internet service is available all over Kathmandu and other major cities in Nepal. Restaurants, Hotels, Internet Cafes are provided in major cities. Everyone can easily keep in touch with their family or friends from the city area, but in some of the rural areas this facility is not possible yet.

4>Radio and Television Service: Not just internet and telephone service but radio and television can also be useful where there is no facility of network. Many Local F.M. has been operating in Kathmandu and other major and minor city of the nation. Even the BBC news over F.M. is also provided now. In case of television where there is no service of satellite and network they have wire system so television is provided in most part of the nation.