Bird Watching

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The Nepal trekking Company is one of the best trekking company for bird watching in Nepal. Nepal has 800 species of birds which is almost 8% of the world’s recorded population. This is such a country which rises from near sea level in the Terai area through the low hills and the foothills to the huge Himalayas and the uppermost place on earth, within a distance of almost 200km. Within the Kathmandu valley alone, it’s been recorded that it has over 500 species of birds. The nearby hills offer a diverse ecology ranging from primary and secondary forests to rhododendron, oak and pine forests. Also in addition, the open fields inside the valley make up a diverse territory for many species of birds.

Nepal is bliss for the bird watcher. Phulchoki peak on the Valley which is situated 20 km South East of Kathmandu is known as the most popular bird watching spot with some 265 species recorded to date. The birds that could be seen here included babblers, tits, minivets, warblers, thrushes, woodpeckers, eagles and many migrant birds. At the foot of Phulchoki, placed called Godavari where the Royal Botanical Garden is situated has a records over 100 species of birds. The bank of the Manohara River on the way to Bhaktapur and Bagmati River that flows into the Valley from Shivapuri hill through Chobhar Gorge is good places for birds watching and waterfowls. Sheltering 40 species of birds mostly dependent on wetlands, Taudaha, a lake on the way to Dakshinkali, attracts flocks of migrant birds. Besides you can also see different kinds of birds in Koshi Tapu Wildlife Reserve, Bardia National Park, The Annapurna Consevation Area and Chitwan National Park.

The diversity of the birds and its chirping noise will surely delight your heart. It will also be a way to free your mind and heart from your bus schedule. So, hurry up! And plan for bird watching in Nepal.

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Bird Watching