Lower Dolpo with Phoksundo Lake Trek


Lower Dolpo along with Phoksundo Lake Trek is one of the hidden treasure and trekking destination in Nepal. This place is best known of the many remote high Himalayan valleys across northern Nepal. Dolpo conserves one of the last remnants of traditional Tibetan culture. Also this region is known as one of the “hidden valleys” created by Guru Rinpoche who was a refuge for devout Buddhists in troubled times. Enclosed by high elevations including the Dhaulagiri ridge to the south-east and cut off by high passes closed by snow half of the year, Dolpo’s easiest access is from Tibet, where the people migrated from perhaps 1000 years ago.

The main point of area is Shey- Phoksundo Lake Trek together. Trekking to Lower Dolpo Trek offers you a remarkable and worthwhile experience of lifetime. A large portion of Dolpo has been set aside by the Shey- Phoksundo National Park, at 3555 square km. this area is meant to preserve the trans-Himalayan ecosystem, Himalayan black bear, the park shelters blue sheep, leopards, wolves, and the rarely seen snow leopard. The Lower Dolpo Trek is meant for real adventurers for an adventurous experience. Our trek passes through nice village and through high and remote alpine area and finally come to beautiful Shey Phoksundo Lake (3600m), with spectacular mountain scenery, Buddhist monasteries and yak caravans. Lower Dolpo Trek  takes us through a lush forest, then load through rocky canyons in the barren hill near the border with Tibet.

As this is Nepal’s one of the most demanding trek that goes through Numala and Bagala pass which are the remote area of the country, we should make lot of ascend and descend. Therefore, we recommend attempting only for experience trekkers. Also this is a challenging passes from where we can see the superb views of Dhaulagiri range, Kyangyu Ripa, Nilgiri, Annapurna range and many other mountains. We are sure that the Lower Dolpo with Phoksundo Lake Trek will be one of the most amazing trip ever.


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Lower Dolpo with Phoksundo Lake Trek