How To Choose The Right Nepali Company For Your Adventure 2024

How To Choose The Right Nepali Company For Your Adventure?

Nepal is the top-famous destination for mountain adventures in the world. The country boasts a plethora of activities ranging from day tours, city tours, jungle safari, and pilgrimage tours to hiking, trekking, climbing, and expeditions. Moreover, travelers can indulge in many other outdoor activities, such as paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, canoeing, water rappelling, mountain biking, etc.

There are numerous Nepali trekking companies running all these programs. You can see several itineraries and price points for the same destination/activity. Usually, as per the expertise of the company, the service included in the package, the safety guarantee, and the itinerary, the package cost differs. Your travel partner in Nepal will hugely impact your overall trekking or any activity experience. So, it is very important to pick the best one.

Foreign trekkers should consider a few things before deciding on the trekking company that they want to travel with during their adventure in the Himalayas of Nepal. Below, we have made a list of necessary things to go through and inquire with your preferred trekking agency in Nepal before booking a trip:

Things to look for in your preferred trekking company in Nepal

Registration, license, and affiliation

First of all, you should check whether the company you have selected for your adventure in Nepal is legally operated or not. It is very important for a safe and secure journey. You can check their name on the Nepal Tourism Board page. Most of the trekking agencies in Nepal have their legal documents information on their website.

Find out about us on the company page and look for legal documents. Likewise, you can also look for their affiliation with the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), etc, on the travel company’s home page. Scroll down the page and look for an affiliation dec with the necessary logos on it.

Reliability and trustworthy

The second thing you should look for in your preferred Nepal trekking agency is how reliable and trustworthy they are. See customer reviews on their website and check if they are affiliated with famous travel portals like TripAdvisor, Bookmundi, etc, or not. You can also check reviews on these popular travel portals for your selected company.

Make sure to analyze all positive and negative comments. See if they have shared any of their past works with local NGOs or any contributions. This shows how active they are and how much they care about the community. It will help you gain confidence with your chosen travel partner in Nepal and therefore create a strong confidence.

Team composition (management team, driver, guide, porter, etc)

Organizing a trek in the Himalayas or even a general tour requires lots of reservations, planning, and support. Check how structured the trekking company is. Whether there is enough manpower or not for a smooth trip. Likewise, check how experienced the management team is, along with their guides and porters.

You can ask about their on-field team by mail or call. Ask how long their guide has been leading groups and individuals in the mountains, their training in first aid, remote survival, etc, and whether are they friendly or not.

Also, do not forget to ask if they have a guide who can speak in your comfortable language. By knowing the team of your preferred trekking company in Nepal, you can enjoy the trip much more freely as you know there are experts behind all the logistics and safety.

Read online reviews

Experienced Nepal trekking companies have lots of reviews on their site and affiliated travel portals. We highly recommend checking them once to have an idea of the company’s professionalism and service. Most of the companies have reviews of TripAdvisor, Google, Trustpilot, etc. Instead of looking for the number of reviews, see the quality of the reviews.

Accomplishments and achievements

Usually, trekking agencies in Nepal receive awards and certification from the Nepal government and international travel portals for their expectations of service and work. This shows how actively the company is working towards the overall experience for their guests and gives you more confidence.

Things to ask with your chosen trekking company

Prices and services facilities

A low price does not guarantee a smooth and highly satisfying journey. Likewise, a high price also does not guarantee a quality service and experience!

You can see different costs for the same trekking and tour packages in different companies. Even if the itinerary is the same, the price can differ. It is because of the service, brand, and experience the trekking companies strive to offer to their guests. There are many trekking companies in Kathmandu that offer very competitive prices but lack many services.

For instance, most of the companies with the lowest cost usually do not have arrival/departure days in the itinerary or porter service. At the end of the day, you will need accommodation in Kathmandu on your arrival and departure days and a porter to carry a heavy duffel bag during the trek.

You have to pay separately for these services if not included in the package cost & it may cost you more. However, packages with these services are only a few hundred dollars more.

So, be smart and choose the trekking company wisely. Do not only look for low prices. Also, a company with a decent price point gives a good allowance to their guide and porter, which directly influences the experience and service you will get with them.

Experience and safety protocol

Some of the best trekking companies in Nepal are both very old or only a few years old. You can ask the company you choose to trek with how old they are and how experienced their team members are. Check if they have a well-managed system and safety protocols or not. It shows how experienced and professional the company is.

For example, we, The Nepal Trekking Company, have more than 10 years of expertise in organizing treks and tours in Nepal. We have tested itineraries and safety protocols. Our team is trained to adhere to our protocol in case of emergency to provide quick medical assistance or required support to the trekker.

Certified trekking and tour guides

One of the most important questions to ask your trekking company in Nepal is whether they have native guides and porters or not for your preferred trekking region. Likewise, also ask if the trekking guide is well certified and trained or not. See how experienced the guide is, along with his nature, friendliness, and reliability.

A native guide will be able to provide you with much more intimate information about the region you are traveling in and the locals. Similarly, a local porter can navigate the complex Himalayan trail without getting injured. If you have any specific requirements for your mountain guide, feel free to share them with your Nepali trekking agency.

Rightful tourism practices: does your tour operator follow them?

Traveling makes much more sense and is heartfelt if it is done in the right way. See if your tour operator practices sustainable travel or not. Check if their trips are eco-friendly or not. Likewise, you can also ask them how much they contribute to the mountain community and how many jobs they are creating through traveling programs.

Your goal should be only leaving your footprints behind on the mountain, and it is only possible if your adventure is eco-friendly. Therefore, ask your Nepali trekking company how they can help you minimize your impact during traveling and whether they can help you volunteer or donate in case needed.

Never settle for average: see if your preferred Nepali trekking agency can help you curate the trip or not

Trips can change at any time, and your requirements and mood can change at any time. You may want to extend your trip or customize the package. Ask your travel company if they are up for last-minute customization or not. How flexible are their itineraries and prices? These will help you enjoy the journey to the fullest as you know you can extend it at any time.

All-guided vs free time

Check how your trip is planned. See if you have got free time or not. We, The Nepal Trekking Company, have the perfect balance of guided time and free time in our itinerary. You will get a lot of time to rest, shop, dine as you wish, and explore on your own. So, our trips are not very restricted. You can also let us know if you want any extra day in your itinerary to enjoy on your own.

Why trek directly with a Nepali trekking company?

One of the questions or debates we always see is between local and international trek operators. Both options have their merits and demerits. If you are trekking with a well-established, professional, and reliable Nepali trekking company like us, then the local option is the best.

Even the international trekking company works with the local Nepali trekking companies to organize their trips in Nepal, whether it be a tour, trek, or climbing. So, directly or indirectly, you will be traveling with the local Nepali trekking company. The difference is the price.

International travel portals always have a higher price range for the same service. By trekking directly with a Nepali trekking company, you can get a good deal and the same or better travel experience. Below are a few things that make traveling with the local trekking company in Nepal a better option:

In-depth Knowledge: Local operators have a better understanding of the trekking regions, and they work with natives. So, you will get to travel with someone from the region. Likewise, local operators can also suggest hidden gems and offbeat tracks.

Cost-effective: You will get the best prices by trekking with a Nepali travel agency. Many of them offer international standard service at a very competitive rate. There is no middle-man. So, you will get the best cost for any trip.

Supports Local Economy: Trekking with a local travel agency directly contributes to the local economy. You are supporting drivers, guides, porters, and accommodation owners along the trails.

Flexibility: To provide the best service and cutting-edge travel experience, local trekking companies in Nepal are very flexible with their itineraries. You can customize the package as per your requirements. You can make any last-minute changes and extend the trip freely, which can get quite a hassle with international travel companies.

Real-time Solutions: While trekking with a local company in Nepal, you will get quick solutions to any issue because they are entirely responsible for everything. Therefore, you do not have to wait.

The Nepal Trekking Company: a top-rated trekking company in Nepal based in Kathmandu (10+ years of expertise)

We, The Nepal Trekking Company, are one of the local trekking and tour companies based in Kathmandu. We have been organizing treks, tours, climbing, and other adventurous activities for foreign travelers in Nepal for more than 10 years. Our expertise, knowledge, and professionalism allow travelers to have a safe and hassle-free trip to Nepal.

Our team will take care of all of your necessities and also help you curate the journey for you. There is no hidden cost to us. You will pay what you see. You can do a private trek or tour with us as well. We ensure a safe trip to Nepal for solo trekkers, female travelers, groups, families, etc. You can check reviews of our old guests.

Below are some of the benefits of traveling with us in Nepal:

Handpicked destination
Best price guaranteed
24/7 customer service
Qualified professional
Great value for your money
Free airport pick-up and drop-off as per the itinerary
One complimentary dinner in Kathmandu
Full transparency
Native guide and porter
Sustainable trips